Global Investment Competitiveness Survey 2019


“Thanks to the World Bank, my government has made it easier to invest in the country”

“Participating in this survey has allowed me to contribute to global research on investment”

The survey is being undertaken by the World Bank and the International Finance Corporation – the world’s largest international development organizations – as an activity for the upcoming Global Investment Competitiveness Report. The survey is being administered by Kantar Public and GDCC, international survey research agencies.

We are interviewing key decision makers in foreign-owned companies in 10 emerging economies to better understand their investment decisions and to identify the main barriers to foreign investment and growth. The ideal respondent to the survey will be an executive familiar with your company’s operations and investment decisions. All information gathered will be treated with the strictest confidence.

The survey will be completed through a 25-minute phone interview. As a token of appreciation, respondents will receive a copy of the research report and a certificate of appreciation. Also, a charitable donation of Euro 5,000 will be made to UNICEF (United Nations Children's Fund) at the completion of the target number of surveys.

The results of the survey will be used by the World Bank Group to advise governments in emerging economies improve their business environments and make it easier for companies like yours to operate and prosper in these countries.

All information gathered will be treated with the strictest confidence, and the anonymity of each interviewee is guaranteed. You can be assured that your name will not be linked to the responses and it will not be possible to identify individual respondents.

Global Impact